Elysian Springs Winery

Elysian Springs Wines (1).jpg

New product this week at Stafford Black Sheep Bottle shop, is the Elysian Springs range of premium wines from the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia. The vineyard is nestled on the banks of the start to the River Torrens, which runs through the city centre of Adelaide. The location of the winery places it in a cooler climate zone of Adelaide, perfect for growing grape varietals, Syrah, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Each of the wines tells a story about the vineyard and the ideals buried deep in the wine making process at Elysian Springs.

Our pick of the range is the Spring Lamb Syrah, which is genetically the same grape as Shiraz. Although this is the case, Syrah grapes have a much less intense flavour profile compared to its big, bold brother most Shiraz’s are known for. The cool climate only strengthens this wine type and is perfect for those who like a little less punch from their red. As the name suggests, pairs perfectly with fresh spring lamb, which ironically, help keep weeds off the plantation through the colder winter months. Although technically the wines are not ‘certified’ organic, the growing and production of the wines follow the same guidelines. Less sulphites, chemicals and unwanted intervention and just good wine.

Available across all 5 of our Black Sheep stores.