Malbec Wine

Over generations, Malbec has been predominately grown and produced in Argentina (approx 76,700 acres), however, Australia is now starting to produce a small amount (approx 1,100 acres in South Australia and Victoria) of this medium tannin wine variety.

To most, the knowledge of this great priced alternative for Syrah or Cabernet Sauvignon, originated in South America, however, it was actually pioneered by the French. Whilst we are use to a plumb, dark fruit driven with a smokey finish, the French Malbec is completely opposite.

French Malbecs are leathery, with flavours of tart current, black plum and a savoury bitterness that could be described as green at the start. The French Malbec tends to age longer due to its moderate tannin and acidity with lower alcohol.      

Malbec grapes that are grown in lower elevations struggle to produce the acidity they need to create a beautiful and long lasting wine. Therefore the higher elevation with a wide cyclic temperature shift (I.e. hot days, cold nights) which helps make the grape to produce more acidity. Due to this acidity and medium tannin red wine this matches excellently with hard cheeses, steak or even a flavoured sausages and for a vegetarian option, could be spinach and cheese empanadas. So hopefully we will see you  at your local Black Sheep Bottle Shop we have a variety of different Malbecs both from South America or Australia.

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