Stone Pine Dead Man’s Drop Black Spice Rum


An interesting take on an Australian black spiced rum, found at the Black Sheep Bottle Shops comes from the Stone Pine distillery in Bathurst, NSW.

The Dead Man Drop business,  demonstrates their knowledge and experience that they have acquired in Scotland before moving to Australia. Bev and Ian Glen use their own local microdistillery to produce some of Australia’s fine rums, vodka and gins but also infuse local and Australian history into their products, whether it’s ingredients, techniques or in the naming process. Every type of spirit that they produce has a story behind it, demonstrating there care for their products.


The Dead Mans Drop, comes in an interesting bottle that suggest that the background story would be about the Caribbean or pirate story. But the Glen’s have named the bottle still after rebellious and convicted people, they named after the infamous Ribbon Gang, which was the first ever hanging in Bathurst.

Black Sheep has this molasses spiced rum that has been barreled for 2 years produces some of the fine tasting of orange, vanilla and Australian native flavours of ringwood and Cinnamon Myrtle waiting for you to trial with our Fever Tree Ginger beer to have as a Dark and Stormy.

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