Batch Brewing Milk Stout 500mL

Batch Brewing Milk Stouts

Two new milk stouts in from Batch Brewing;

Elsie the Milk Stout

Elsie is made by combining unfermentable lactose with a malt bill so complex the brewers refer to it as their 'kitchen sink beer'. The result is a beer that's sweet and smooth and dark and roasty, with gentle touches of chocolate, coffee and cream. Served on nitrogen at the bar, but conditioned for the bottle, allowing yeast to naturally carbonate the stout for an incredibly thick and smooth texture. She's so tasty, you'll believe cows really can jump over the moon!

Elsie's Other Udder

Elsie is good, Elsie is grand, we usually get milk from her udder with a stand. But Elsie's udder spluttered, and when this happened we all shuttered. What is to be done if we cannot brew our beer? We all looked around in fear! But wait, there was no reason to shudder, for Elsie had another udder! So we began to milk this other udder, and soon realized that chocolate milk is what it spluttered!