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Kings County Bottled in Bond Bourbon Batch #5 2018 375mL

Kings County is among the very first craft distillers to release a style of whiskey that can be considered the highest class of American Whiskey.  Bottled-in-Bond is a designation that refers to American whiskeys (and some brandies) that are distilled, aged, and bottled entirely at one distillery, from barrels filled in one season, by one distiller.

$114.99 per bottle

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Never Never Triple Juniper Gin 500mL

This gin is a throw back to the times when gin had juniper and lashings of it. The juniper is treated in three separate ways, partially steeped for approximately 24 hours, partially put fresh in to the pot at the beginning of distillation and partially in a vapour basket, in carefully selected balance.

$64.99 per bottle

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Hudson Manhattan Rye & Baby Bourbon 350mL

Hudson Manhattan Rye & Baby Bourbon both now available at The Gap. From grain to glass, they take great care and pride in all of their spirits. Capturing local flavor and ambience using the agricultural resources of local farmers while leaving a smaller footprint on the environment. Named “Best Artisan Distiller of 2010” by the American Distilling Institute.

$54.99 per bottle

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