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Growing up in the Lehmann household had many advantages for the cheeky young fellas my Brother Phil and I once were. Undoubtedly, one of the best things was having clandestine access to ‘PL’ and Marg‘s Cellar and drinking (on the sly) the wines Dad made at Saltrams in the 60’s and 70’s. Not only was it bloody cheap (the Old Five Finger Discount) it also forged our palates and (for me at least) built the unconscious ‘markers’ that have defined the way my wine making style evolved. A perennial favorite for Phil and me was the ‘HP’ Shiraz blends from the first half of the 70‘s. These warm plush rich reds still echo in my mind’s palate and drinking them today never fails to remind just how great Barossa Shiraz really is. My tribute to the Old Man is to resurrect the ‘Hydraulic Press Shiraz’ and hopefully reinforce this link with my past while bringing beautiful rich soft Barossa Shiraz to a new generation of drinkers. The Barossa produces some of the greatest examples of Shiraz (not at all biased) in the world. The 2013 H.P. Hydraulic Press Shiraz is a fantastic reflection of the traditional ‘Barossa Style’.


Rich and deep red with a brooding dark core


Upfront plum in a spicebox complexity Earthy mushroom notes with deep tarry hints round out a pretty complex nose


Initial upfront plum and dark chocolate linger through to a spicy finegrained finish. The balance of the tannins with the fruit is both generous and restrained. Terrific cellaring potential, but great to drink now.

 Region ABV Volume Closure
Barossa Valley,
South Australia
14.0% 750mL Stelvin